Sixth Form Applied

Applied Maths is more than just Mechanics and Statistics. The MEI board recognises Decision Maths and possibly Differential Equations, Numerical Methods adn the increasing possibilities of computational Mathematics. OCR agrees with the Decision Maths.

Wikipedia [here] suggests we might study applicable mathematics, with which I agree. Alternatively, if we consider areas of mathematics, we might separate out:
•  Probability and statistics
•  Computational sciences which includes numerical analysis, linear algebra and linear programming.
•  Physical sciences,
meaning mechanics in all its forms
•  Other mathematical sciences,
which would include operations research

This beakdown has no obvious place for discrete mathematics (as opposed to the continuous mathematics exemplified by calculus and analysis). I’d place it in applied maths rather than pure, but it seems to be an ill-defined topic area. The link points to a list of topics that would be includable withion such a title.

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