Algebra & Numeracy


An answer may well help in other questions. You are presumed able to think. Answers in your book for this one.

1    If x is even, is x² – 5x + 6 even? Any idea why?

2    If x² – 5x + 6  is odd, is x odd or even? Any idea why?

3    Solve      x² = 16  giving both answers

4    Solve       x² –9 = 16

5    Multiply out (x-2)(x-3)

6    If x=6, find the value of     a)  2x²       b)  4x²       c)  (-2x)²       d)  -3x²    

7    Which of these gives an integer (whole number) solution when you square root it? a)  9x2    b)  3x²    c)   9x² –4x²     d)  9x² –6x +1         e)   9x² +6x – 1

8    Sketch 2x + 3y = 9   and  x – 4y = 8   on one pair of axes, showing intercepts and intersection. Give the intersection to the nearest half or third.

9    If 2 < x ≤ 5 and x is an integer, list the possible values of x.

10    If the word WIT can be be rearranged in 6 ways {wit, wti, iwt, itw ,tiw, twi} and note 3! = 6, then in how many ways can the letters of these words be arranged?  a)  FRED  b)  FOOL  c)  FREDA  d)  IDIOT  e) M I SS I SS I PP I 

If you’ve missed it, 3! means 3x2x1 and is called three factorial. Your calculator (use the n! key) probably tells you  69! but not 70! Why is that? A fairly simple homework asks you to find the value of 73! to, say, 8 sig.fig.

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