Essays by Year

2016 2nd half

A period in which we grow accustomed to the disaster of the Brexit referendum; whichever way you wanted it to go, the margin was too small to indicate consensus. That disaster was then compounded by an idiotic election leaving us with an even weaker Parliament, already divided against itself.

2015 2nd half

These files have been edited more than once, but that does not make them error-free. 2018 conventions differ still; websites used are not yet numbered here, though the footnote numbers should now appear in red and the jumbled formatting should have been repaired. The site is aimed at large screen format and I doubt that it reads at all well on a phone screen.       DJS

2017 2nd half

In which Brexit becomes a common word, even an EU word. This tunnel is very dark and there is no light at its end – or, if there is, there are far too many twists and turns before we see the exit.

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