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Essay Guide               

2007         001 - 020                                China   Sport diary Comment language other   
01 to Leave Britain                                 √                       
02 ID Cards                                                      √    
03 Eating Grass                                                                           
04 4-Letter Words                                                       √                                                             
05 The Process of Moving                     √
06 Bumping Races                        √
07 Ineffective Invective                          √         √        √
08 Week0: Arrival                    √
09 Language 1                        √
10 Heat and Humidity             √
11 Plastic Bags                       √
12 Language 2                        √                                  √
13-Censorship, not                 √
14 Xi’an; Locale                      √
15 Wine into Water                 √
16 English Club                      √
 17 City Wall Race
                  √     √
18 Chinese Wedding              √
19 Man or Mouse                                                       √
20 Chinese Geography           √

2008         021 - 037                               China   Sport diary Comment language other  
What is Safe?
Running Factors
A visit to Spa
Chinese New Year
and the point is?
Sports Day
Cleaning the Flat
The News
The Lads
 WeekendIntellectual Property  --  where?
2009         038 - 047                           China   Sport diary Comment language other  Fresh AirOn HashGoing to the BankThe Nail GirlThe Rotten Apple ShopHuangshan (to fix?)Nanjing451ºthe new FlatChinese Christmas
2010        048 - 067                               China   Sport diary Comment language other  Four-letter Word (2)
Rising Water Levels
to Macao
Language 3
Ancestor Worship
Life in ZQ   
Short-term Targets
Issues of Face
Chinese TV
A bit of PT
Looking Both Ways
Visiting Britain
Flight Experience
Altogether a different Hash
On Hydration
The Sock Monster
Letters to and from China
A Trail Run
To Ikea
2011        038 -   077                              China   Sport diary Comment language other  


Behaviour - what is proper?

Into the Hills

Feeling Cold

Linear Thinking





A race to get Married

2012     078 -    101

Post Part um...

Planetary Conjunctions

The Office

Observed at School

What’s it Worth?

Why buy education?

Measures of Success

when the ordure..

Opportunity & Disaster

Hashing in Laoshan

Honesty, Integrity, Morals


Rules and gamesmanship

What is an illegal immigrant?

New Car Names

Consideration (& Beer)

Wo is I

I fought for 18 years..

What were you doing when..

Time Zones

the Mindset List

The Union Flag

Peak Oil

Hashing best practice

2013        102 - 120

Working in Beijing

Beijing Geography

Air Quality Issues

Calling the Shots

More on Pollution

Chasing corrupt files

Pandora’s last gift

Temple of Heaven



Going to the Gym

Heart Rates

War over water

Christmas comes early

Dynastic Change

Draft Mots Guesses

iPhry Behaviour

The Office 2


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