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Engineering can be considered as ‘applied science’. There will also be elements of maths, design, management, experimental science, architecture, physics and chemistry.

What kind of course can I do if I want to study Engineering?

A general (broad) degree e.g. Engineering

A more specialised degree e.g. Avionics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc.

What is mechanical engineering?

Machines and parts of machines



Measurements (e.g. of stress, strength)


Overlap with other engineers (e.g. animatronics)

What is electrical and electronic engineering?

Anything electrical (not just gadgets)

Radar (inc. medical applications)

Web-related work


What is civil engineering?

Bridges, railways, big buildings

Components and materials (sometimes called ‘composite’ engineering)

Earthquake engineering and prevention

Flood risk management

Health-related gadgets

What is computer science?



Web-related work (programming rather than kit)


What is aerospace engineering?

Aeroplanes, helicopters, space vehicles

Parts and maintenance of the above

Composites and materials

Navigation technology (overlap)

Morphing structures

What is engineering maths? Only offered at Bristol University

Maths applied to engineering situations (and beyond — medicine, traffic, management)

Modelling, design

Analysis (statistics, predictive)

Bristol has the only Engineering Maths Dept. in the UK. Teaching rated excellent. Students are super-employable. Combines maths, computing and engineering — interdisciplinary. There’s something similar at Nottingham—keep on the look-out for new courses

What are generic skills?

Presentation skills, interview skills, CV

Leadership/working in a team or group

Being a professional

Doing a business plan

Pitching to a committee

Writing reports, statistics, IT skills

Engineering graduates (from Bristol) have gone on to:

Win an Oscar (in animatronics); Military service; Aid and relief work; Software spin-off  companies (privately owned!); Film-making; Medical and biomedical science, dentistry; Business, Management, Automotive careers

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