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Statistics Papers

It’s coming.....

This is an analysis of Edexcel papers done as a Y12 homework in 2009.

Regular problems are set on

•  Probability with Venn diagrams, less often with a tree diagram
•  Histogram or boxplot, sometimes stem & leaf often with skewness and std dev
•  Expectation, for 11-16 marks
•  Regression, for 10-15 marks  Sometimes there is an additional question on pmcc
•  Normal distribution for 7-12 marks. 

Unusual questions: 
cumulative frequency function, 20080515Q6, 5 marks
Postulation: change of examiner or style of paper at Edexcel in 2013.

Suggestion that modelling in Stats needs a page....

....further interest lost by moving back to CIE !!  It is up to you to stimulate me into action, too. Mail me.

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