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Have a look at (or for)  Xtreme Papers, Maths Geek

For syllabi, or syllabuses, go straight to your Board’s website. I would expect every competent teacher to have shoved this in your direction, jsust as i woudl expect every competent student to have gone find it already, whether or not teacher said anything. But in a sense that is you doing that thing I don’t like, targetting the exam. It has its place, especially when they are getting close.  You want the specification labelled to fit the year you will take the exam, not necessarily the date now. For example, if there was a new A2 syllabus for 2020, it might well apply to AS students in September 2019. Wjen looking at archived exam papers, you will occasionally find a questioin based on material that has since been dropped from ‘your’ specification. That does not mean you can’t do it, but it likely to mean you have not been taught it. If you’re taking maths further than just school, it is probably something you want to be able to do.

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