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Finance and Science

Some stuff that is not on a Maths syllabus but does fall within the scope of the subject at school. Thus it demonstrates some use for the material so often discarded as thoroughly useless. I have not, as yet, attempted to enlarge this to show a wider scope of the use of the A-level content, but with a little encouragement, could do so….

Four of these are to do with financial calculations and are around GCSE level (Y11, Higher). I was required to ‘study’ this as a putative surveyor, but found the whole thing bewildering since no-one seemed to understand what they were doing, what it was for and how to apply the theory. Ten minutes with a text book (1975 was long before the internet made such things easy) showed that the whole was not at all as difficult as thought. Some past students will laugh that this is me discovering what my own lessons would be like twenty years later….

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