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There is quite a lot of maths included here, around 90 different pages.

Subdivisions can be seen in the drop-down menu and in the sidebar to the right.  If an x or X appears at the front of the title, editing is due. If  !!! appears in the title, material has been lost and is awaiting some magical restorative touch.

Numeracy a lot of repetitive content, exercises and so on; this perhaps demonstrates how poor numeracy tends to be and what a poor grasp of relationships between numbers the students have. Quite a lot of content on representation of number. Ideally, by the end of this year the topic should not need any re-visits.

Algebra includes matrices and set theory

Algebra and Numeracy is separated out as a joint subject because for a long time the two topics run together, so there are/were many weeks of exercises to make sure that a skill was not lost – moving it from medium term memory to long-term memory. In particular, I tried to make algebra look relevant to making numeracy more successful.

Geometry is used in a loose sense, here. I have included Pythagoras (which could be under geometry or numeracy); Bearings; Graph sketching. Too hard to draw and not worth the work to match other sites already existing.

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