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Dipont, when employing me in Nanjing, asked me to put together a course for Oxbridge hopefuls, starting in 2008. I persuaded Jess Farr-Cox to come contribute her more current experience and the resulting pattern remained the basis of the week-long course when she ran it herself, to about 2015. The content shown on this page is a distillation of much of what has been said many many times to sixth formers both in Britain and in China. I was a tutor for 30 years, a sixth form specialist for more like 20, a house master for a little under 15 and a Head for around 5. None of that means that what I write should displace your own research, but it might encourage you to do more.

Jess blogs on China, in much the way I do in Essays

Jess writes about UCAS advice too.

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