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Revision papers

Originally written to test the fonts in use by iWeb. Sadly, in the 2017 reproduction of the site, a lot was lost (and not rediscovered).          You want more here?: ask me directly.

Edexcel C1 to C4 in Pure

MEI  C1 & C2,  [Pure Core],  mostly on Calculus and Binomial expansions, one on Co-ordinate geometry and differentiation

MEI C1 to C4, [Pure Core]  differentiation and some co-ordinate geometry.

FM papers (Edexcel I think) under the FM collection, but (2017) issues with lost layouts of matrices , lost index positioning and similar disasters.

Lower School - many exercises built in.

I wrote a Nov 2008 full paper, perhaps two, for use in Qingdao. At least one of those is in this collection.

DJS   20171116 

Bearing in mind that I am three years retired, there is very little reason to write new material. It is only some misdirected pride that makes me want to maintain what there was back in 2013 (the last year I had loads of enthusiasm for production).

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