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The Filthy Comma

These pages are copied from Jessie’s site in Britain, which is not easily accessed in China. The reason for duplicating her site is to work around the Great Firewall, which specifically blocks any site containing the character string ‘wordpress’. I added photos and occasional comments. You do not have permission to copy or print  these, only to read them.

If you want to get in touch with her and cannot access her site, write to me first.

DJS 2012

2017  – I’ve copied them over but have work to do on the titles, checking the formatting and perhaps finding ways of matching Jessie’s indexing.

At the moment they’re copied and numbered but the titles have vanished. I inserted a lead photo on the old version, also gone.

DJS 20171124

List of Jessie’s essays

Links on this page to MY copy of Jessie’s output, in what purports to be date order (and my numbering)—and colour coded to help group things together visually. Connections between essays are as links within an essay. I shortened titles here to fit the 230x40 pixel box I decided upon. Clicking on the coloured rectangle should link to the essay page directly. I have not been entirely consistent with use of case, so apologies for the sloppiness. I have added a picture at the head of each piece, not always appropriately.

The only reason to use links provided by me to access these is to avoid using wordpress. The only reason for doing that would be because is suppressed in your country, such as in China. And you’d have to be struggling without a VIOP and without some pipe to the outside...  As I understand the problem, any URL including ‘wordpress’ has been. or is sometimes, or is often, suppressed. I can see how this would be done and I assume that enough wordpress sites have been used to contain what the PRC considers unwelcome and/or disruptive content to justify this. I recognise this but do not consider any of Jessie’s stuff to be subversive. Hence this action here.

My domestic back-up disaster (all my own fault for not having actually practised collecting backups) in 2016 caused me to lose all the files and particularly the pictures I chose to as part of the title block, so this may well be an incomplete list for several months.

Because I included the Nail Girl in the list, my count is one different from Jessie’s. Perhaps I ought to renumber from zero....

DJS 2060604



I have, apparently, been less than consistent in transferring these from Jessie’s site. 2017’s version has no sidebar and I have changed the titling from the very bald The Filthy Comma #XX to tfc#xx <Title>, abbreviated where I think it necessary. I have persisted in adding a picture and in October 2018 I added the photo index to each year’s summary page. I have, perhaps temporarily, added archive summaries: if they also appear on the maths pages, I’ll turn this feature off again. 
















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