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Many students expect me to provide them with the syllabus. It proves difficult to provide a link that connects direct to the right file to download.
Expecting that any links I provide will fail, I point you to your Board;
you need to pick the right syllabus year – the date of the year you will sit the exam, or the newest available one before your exam date.

Similarly you will want to work on some past papers. Your first call, again, is your Board. I have put some further comment on this at the header page for the section labelled Revision.

Visitors to this site from Centres in China should look widely at the whole site. I have scattered suitable work everywhere. Papers labelled C1-C4  refer to UK Core syllabuses (Syllabi). C1& C2 are  equivalent to P1, P3 is much the same as C3&4. I have generally keep the FM material separate when displaying a page of worksheets.

At 2012 I moved to Beijing and changed to Edexcel. Over CNY 2013, as the dragon shed its skin and a snake emerged, I made many changes to accommodate a new crop of users.

Hopefully, all sorts of readers will communicate better than they have been doing.

DJS 20130213

CIE Further Maths students should include the other sections labelled Sixth Form. Related equations and recurrence formulae are in the syllabi I worked on.

If you want more included, write and ask !!

DJS 20130531

Big restructuring of site  in 2017 caused some stuff to be moved around, so it is operfectly possible that some of the  links and some of the comments are no longer correct. I may even have lost a few pages altogether.

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