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Essays is a collection of discussions such as I would have used for House assemblies in Britain, if I had ever written any down. Mixed in with these are letters from China, more than blog and not as grand or long as Alistair Cooke would have sent from America.    

By 2010 the collection had passed the 50 mark. During 2011 it passed 70 (April), then 100 (September), and I changed the format of the essays to that of blog within iWeb, as Apple stopped support for web.me.com. That year also exhibited some file corruption so that what uploaded was not what was on file at base, making for some lasting oddities that will only slowly disappear. In 2012 the whole site moved to www.scoins.net at last, which was an intention when I first started.

2012/13 entailed moving yet again, this time to Beijing and a change of style of school (class, even). That curtailed the writing of essays but added to the writing of Maths as the clientele, circumstances and expectations changed the perceptions of need. So there has been relatively little addition of late. I re-organised the essays so some names changed—see Site Work for history, button below.

In the summer of 2014 we moved to Britain and the problems plaguing the site were eventually solved in January 2015. Please write with observations and suggestions. One of my machines takes a very long time —87 seconds -  to upload essays.

In May and June of 2016 I was forced to revamp many pages due to a back-up disaster (yes, I do backing-up, but that doesn’t make me practised in their application). Many index pages rewritten from scratch, possibly improved. I now find the whole set of pages quite quick to load, but I’m on very fast broadband, right now at download speeds over 100Mpbs [80-140 when tested with a variety of tools in the last ten minutes, of an advertised 200]. I notice that the www part of the URL is no longer necessary.

 DJS 20141010

The latest page makes 500, on the site 220 of which are essays. Wow.                                               

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