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117 Draft Mots Guesses

Yi ni mi ni mai ni mou
ke che tai ge bai zhi tou
Yi fei hou le si
lei ti ma gou
yi ni mi ni mai ni mou.

Tale taken from a Russian novel following the consequences of betrayal; the central character is fleeing across the Taiga (the central Russian steppes), which easily bring on frostbite; much of the book is devoted to the jumbled images in the mind of the escapee, who hears the sound of flies around (his) carcass and sometimes the dogs he imagines chasing – but these dogs are oddly, wearing shoes, presumably due to the cold. The last line harks back to the first, in completing the circular thinking, betrayal of the secret brings on the effects of that betrayal.  

In translation,
Betrayal of your secret
Bus across the Taiga brings frostbite easily
I am fleeing as fast as I can (but)
The sound of dogs wearing shoes  (chasing)
Is an effect of betrayal.

Line 4 is sometimes yifei si kuai le si—a different image of being chased by the flies that hover around something already dead.

I need help writing the less ambiguous Mandarin characters, without changing the pinyin unless someone out there can free up their mind sufficiently to join in.

For those who have no idea what this is, see the related page here, essay 56.

Not entirely unrelated, I was having fun with Carson, who teaches Chemistry:   Pi pronouned more like pea than pie.

What is AS (ay ess)?   mmm...                       The yeargroup between IGCSE and A2?
Oops, what is As on the periodic table? No, don’t look.               Arsenide, arsenic.
Okay. What’s that in Chinese?               Pi.         Pi?       No, Pi.                    [different tone]
Umm... What’s Phosphorus? No cheating!         Pi.         What, not F?       No, Pi.
Okay, so what's Beryllium?       Be, proton number 4     Not B?      No, Be.      [sounds VERY like all the Pi already]
What’s that in Chinese?        Pi.   Pi? Really?  No, Pi.                                    [different tone]

Right, no confusion there, then. So what’s Potassium?  ………

What really? (as if I don’t know already). So the one that starts with an eff sound is P, the one element that starts with a P sound is a K and there are two (more) elements called P in chinese? Is it any wonder they think this is a difficult subject?

No wonder the kids prefer Chemistry in English.
DJS edited 20131225 (really)

Title based on that of Mots d’Heures Gousses, Rames, the d”Antin Manuscript (pictured, as my copy) and see essay 56.

Also see a page of Chemistry (in Finance and Science) and, from other conversations with Carson, Zombium, also Catalysis, possibly Magnetism.

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