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2018 Sep to Dec

Life is settling to new norms. I’m spending too long waiting for the building design process to work around to allowing me to find contractors so that we can act upon all the stuff I’ve written about energy and bad housing. Not quite yet willing to give up the car. Brexit grinds onwards, but no obvious conclusion is yet discerned.

I wrote before that no doubt 2018 will continue to be filled with the scary consequences of Brexit, and there seems to be no progress whatsoever beyond the passage of time. Our politicians UK and EU seem no nearer to being able to square the circle; we have no solution for Ireland that anyone will accept. The least painful action would be to reverse the decision to apply Article 50, coupled with public humiliation of the politicians that lied to us repeatedly. What was done to Guy Fawkes might suit. We need to rethink our politics on a large scale.  Trump continues to be unstable (only able to unst).  We seem to be accepting that cars will be hybrid and then electric, but possibly not requiring drivers at all. Some of us (me, for example) are taking to the roads to enjoy driving while that is still allowed. The daft political climate prevents anything sensible happening.

Editing earlier essays, I was trying to confirm the sources for some pictures I’d used. Imagine how i feel when the images are on Google, but the reference is my own webpage? So I didn’t delete some pictures I couldn’t attribute in Essay 160. Weird.

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