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2020 Jan to July

Another new year with nothing written in January. Feb 2019 was unseasonably warm, including days in the 20s centigrade or Celsius. Feb '20 is already marked by big storm Ciara and at the time of writing, Dennis is hard on the heels of that one. BoJo is in state at No10, throwing away his Chancellor just yesterday; Trump has escaped impeachment by virtue of the Senate mostly ignoring any and all opportunities to call witnesses—so the only witnessing is the deplorable state—and last week he apparently subsumed the judiciary into the presidency, something which is supposed not to occur. Similar things are mooted to be occurring here. Meanwhile, in Oz, Scomo continues to deny climate change in a siimilar way to Trump and all the while Australia is having visited upon it what sounds very much like the Plagues of Egypt.

2020 will be characterised historically by the outbreak of the disease Covid-19 and essay 291 echoes that already. There's a page of maths I wrote in late January, too. Whether the fear we see in March will be shown to be in any sense justified is yet to be discovered. I am reminded on a daily basis that fake news is free and that rumour too circulates far more easily than truth. We allow ourselves to be scared, it would appear; that strikes me as not sensible.


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