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Family Tree: John 1789 onwards

My immediate family starts reliably with John, born in 1789

As stated on home Ancestry page, the living have been omitted.

I think this John had three older sisters, Grace, Elizabeth and Jane, and parents John and Grace, who married in 1770 and lived in or near Chumleigh, Devon.

Tim P:  The info I have for Henry is born 11 Mar 1856 (in Upton Pyne, Devon) and died 5 Oct 1924 (in Wallasey, Cheshire). I think that Janet Curran - or her husband (?) - are descended from him. By the way, while Henry was William and Mary's firstborn son, I believe he was actually their 4th child, coming after Elizabeth (1850), Emily (1852) and Edith (1853).

 0.4.4 John 1787 m Elizabeth Rowe 1787-1864 John 1818 m Mary 1823-… John William Mary Ann Scoins m William Westacott 1820-... William Westacott William 1822 m Mary Vicary 1827              many children
 Elizabeth 1850 (from Tim) Emily Scoines 1852 Edith 1853/4 Henry 11/3/1856 Upton Pyne Devon to 5/10/1924 Wallasey Cheshire m Sarah Jane Skinner
        Alfrred William 1883-1914 m Minnie Cha  Johnson 1894-1976
               Eric Stanley 1919-2003 m Barbara Gwendoline King 

       Ruth Vicary
        Henry Reginald 1889-1914 m Elizabeth Bellis m annie Smith m Minnie Thurgood
             Geoffrey 1914 m Maud Mary Barton 1909
             Jessie 1916-1972 m Wilfred Curran                                   —> Janet
             Gladys Mary 1921
        Arthur George 1892-1959 m Lena Margaret Collin
             Hubert Ian 1927-2015 m Barbara Fielding 1925-1998         
—> David
       Dorothy Elizabeth 1894-1971
       Harold Fred 1896-1983
             Donald Halliwell 1924-1993 m Audrey Slack Frederick 1858-1878 Mary 1859-1944 m Joseph Bond, M Colin Perrott
                                                                                                          —>  Tim Kate 1862 Mary Pinn 1865 Beatrice Anne 1869 m Albert Churchill James 1825 m Maria 1815-1901 William Henry 1848-1935 m Elizabeth Squire Alfred James 1874-1883 Elizabeth A 1876 Worter Willam m ?? Hocking Beatrice Lo..  1883-1910 m William Couch 1884 Eva M 1887 Albert Reginald 1888-1970 m Emily Ellen Prescott 1897-1972 Thomas m Mary Vicary 1826 Emily William Alfred William Frederick m Hattie Marie Summers        
       Alfred m Mary Broughton
                                                                                —>  Paula

       Ida May 1891
       Elsie Emily 1893  m Abraham Barnett John
 William Henry m Emma H Carpenter
       Arthur Henry m Maud Skuse
              Harold Spencer 1924         
       Frederick J 1892-1965
       Florence may 1894
        William Thomas 1900-1952 m Gertrude Britton
       Lily 1900
       Harry 1902

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