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2021 July to Dec


Characterising this time period must include some reference to post-Covid, though we still have it in volume. Vaccination is well past 75% of all UK adults, which now means over-16s, not over-18s. Testing is on offer in volume, and while the test/trace app has been adjusted for proximity, the volume of cases rises steadily across this period, passing 40,000 new cases a day at mid-point and mid-September. Hospitalisations have risen steadily to 7,000 and covid deaths are 100-200 per day. Yet the general attitude is that things are already back to normal, and it is easy to see no residual precautions occurring. At the same time, quite a cohort of people are clinging to their masks, washing often and distancing whenever they can. That group includes me, since my perception is that the risk is of long-covid, which I see as possible permanent damage to the ability to transport oxygen.

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