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A sortable list - how to

These are my notes on making a sort-table list.

What I ended up with is a very long file mostly of data like the 3 lines in blue:

<script src="/sorttable.js"></script><center><style type="text/css”>table {width:450px; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 14px; color:#fff; background-color:#ccc;
        border-spacing: 5px 5px; border:3px solid #ccc; }

th       { height:35px; color:#000; background-color: #fff; border:1px solid #fff; }

td       {color:#000; font-style:italic; text-align:center; background-color: #fff; border:1px solid #fff; }
<table class="sortable">



<tr><td><a href="http://www.scoins.net/Blog_Site/Essays/Entries/2007/7/15_04_-_4-letter_Words.html" target="_blank">4 Letter Words</a></td><td>004</td><td>language</td></tr>

This file is sortable, but for a long time it wasn’t. I could not tell if that was because the script in sorttable.js was not found or if the script is somehow wrong / incompatible. I leave it here so others can see what is needed.

The bottom one worked from 15:00 (about 12 hours in), having put sorttable into public_html. It works on the site, not here. At 16:00 by pasting the script that works, both sort-of function – on this page on the site. The top one needs better formatting.

DJS 20150331

As it says in the box below, the line

<tr><td><a href="http://www.scoins.net/Blog_Site/Essays/Entries/2007/7/15_04_-_4-letter_Words.html" target="_blank">4 Letter Words</a></td>

morphed into a change in href start

<tr><td><a href="scoins.net/Blogcopy/Essays/Entries/2015/12/29_184_-_Flood-proofing.html" target="_blank">Drown-proofing</a></td>

Problems discovered in 2016 following a disaster (my fault for not understanding the back-up method properly – nor having sufficiently practised how it should be used): some links switch back to Blog_Site,   e.g. http://www.scoins.net/Blog_Site/Essays/Entries/2015/7/2_173_-_UK_Migration.html  rather than, for example, http://www.scoins.net/Blogcopy/Essays/Entries/2015/12/1_179_-_What_is_electricity.html

Part of the ensuing trouble is that the URL for the parallel essay is not ONLY different in Blogcopy vs Blog_Site, so the two parallel sort-table pages, one with maybe in the title  and the other Sore table list, don’t permit switching between these two access routes. If stuck in the ‘wrong’ one, you can only go back to Home and try again to go down the other fork. 

The particular difficulty is that I am doing editing and updating in the blogcopy set, from June 2016 onwards.

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