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Essays since China

After 30 years of teaching, half of that time as a Housemaster and half of that time as a Principal in China, I’m offering perspectives upon the world.

An essay is an attempt at something, in this case, writing. The content is mine (where it is not, I have made that clear) and I only insist (not ask) that you declare the source and share any rewards if you use my material yourself. Any opinions are mine; I am (usually) open to attempts to change those opinions. The situations described are near to my perceptions of what happened. If you can sell this material, you are welcome to 10%.

I am expecting the readership to come largely from past pupils and colleagues. I would like you to write with corrections, opinions and anecdotes worth sharing. I am not keen to offer infinite blog roll at the end of each entry. I update the writing about once a year, so error-spotting of the typographical variety, though welcome if you tell me, will be found eventually. My email address is entirely obvious and in the previous incarnation of this site I inserted email tabs on every page. In more than ten years of the site’s existence, no-one has written directly and fewer than five via Facebook.  Shucks.

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In 2020 I decided that enough time had passed and so many pages written that another general category was required, so there is a newer collection, 2020 onwards.

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