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2023 Jan to June


We're messing about in various futile ways. The newest PM feels like a place-marker. The policies are transparent noise and the refusal to find money for anything that the electorate can see is sensible spending does not help. When the gov't does spend, the action stinks of cronyism and nepotism. 

Nothing a politician says falls into any category of believable content. Every word is coloured in my head by "Well they would say that". I'm sure that the fishpond that is Westminster (and it stinks) breeds it's own beliefs that this is how the 'game' is played. I'd very much prefer to have a lot more plain speaking and something nearer to honesty. We're suffering from what is currently called wokeness, that we are not to say things that someone else might find offensive (and I mean that very mild offense is declared way too much). Very often there is a wave of claimed horror at something someone says fron the heart. An example of this came from Gary Lineker (football commentator and presenter of Match of the Day), who accurately said that some of the rhetoric coming from politicians was reminiscent of that heard in Germany in the 1930s. Yes, accurately; he did not use the word Holocaust or the word Nazi; he pointed to a neighbour who at the time was heading to a bad place and he saw a parallel. Several commentators of the political variety bothered to research the issue and saw that he was right. Most simply played hyena or wolf, and bayed. Yet the blood in the water ought to have been (and I think has come to be seen as) that of the woke politicians who insist that only they can say things that are out of order, that only they have command of the comments of the day. This furore also points up the Tory cronyism at the top of the BBC, the right-wing nature of too many of our papers (media) and, to me, the extent to which so very few actually look or listen – with brain engaged. He said what he said; he then said he stood by what he had said (i.e. not a mistake). By this time anyone who'd listened should have been to look at the meaning of those words (if necessary, since some of us understood straight away) and could then (it seems to me) hunt for appropriate examples from the immediate UK political past. I noticed that one of Lineker's business enterprises had just completed a study of 1930s Germany and wondered if he'd been included enough to know exactly what he was talking about.

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