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339 - Covid in April


The snippets page immediately before this one indicates the loss of enthusiasm to continue with the daily updates. Which amounted to no updates for most of three weeks, mid-March onwards. This has been helped by the discovery that the Apple OS update made in January also disconnected the back-up process, so that when something went wrong with my spreadsheet, all the data since early January simply vanished. {Pause while I check that Time Machine is really working; it is].

The media—or that which I have been reading—says that there is some sort of fourth wave of Covid running across Europe. I'm going to use published data rather than recreate my earlier files. OurWorldinData. So here's my European view, and my read of this says that The UK, Spain and Portugal have at last got a grip, while France, Hungary, the low countries and Sweden are appearing to have another wave (the fourth, perhaps) of infections.

Much fuss mid-April about a surge in India, especially of a variant that seems to dodge the vaccines, but those figures don't show much here on a case-per-million basis.

Below is shown the same set of countries, but looking at daily deaths per million (left) and daily vaccinations  (right); further below, case count per million by continent with the UK.

India is the worst of the Asian states, the RSA is the worst of the African states, but this might be an issue of recording, as in bothering to do this with comparable precision. Inset left and small is the same group of regions but cumulative cases per million.

I show to the right deaths—still the only thing truly comparable and even then assuming that deaths are well recorded and attributed to Covid with consistency comparing continents. China's attitudes keep the Asian totals very low, while India's current disaster is what affects that line.

Looking only at Britain, I revert to the UK.gov sources. Here's (below) the dashboard review for 20April, showing the last year.

DJS 20210421

India has had a huge upsurge in cases, right, but on a per capita basis this barely registers, below left. The daily case surge is highest in Argentina, Turkey and Sweden, right now.                                        DJS 20210425

But one should read this long piece from the Guardian 20210429 discussing the many things going wrong in India and yet again pointing to the faults that occur when populism provides political primacy. Alliteration!

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