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2018 Jan to Aug

We now reside in Blackpool. Cynthia works about 30 minutes away; David is retired, and daily more so. The switch to SandVox is now largely complete but that doesn’t mean I have found all the typos, broken links or logical inconsistencies. I continue to hope that people will write with opinion and, because I will not tolerate hiding behind a nom-de-plume, I will not offer blogroll.

No doubt 2018 will continue to be filled with the scary consequences of Brexit, though I do doubt that we will find a way to rescind that apparent decision (see 2016&7 essays). We wait to see if Trump is as unstable as he has so far appeared to be; we might apply such comment to several world leaders. Problems continue on the energy front, and I expect to see changes allowing us to use less for the same end result; in the same way I expect to see more hybrid and electric transport, more micro-generation. I do not expect to see improved national transport, nor social mobility, nor social care, nor money to the NHS, nor to immigration. I do not expect to see sensible, understandable resolution to the Irish border, the single market, the customs union. I do expect the media to continue to be as biased as the people whose content they report and I despair at finding sources that are reasoned and supported by fact rather than opinion — there’s nothing wrong with opinion when it is supported by evidence. I wonder what will happen as cryptocurrency spreads its wings, expecting some sort of Darwinian event to wean out the weak. At a global level, I expect migration to become steadily more a problem and I wait to see what happens with the compound problems of rising sea levels, diminishing ground water and shrinking ice. I wonder whether we may yet see some social changes in partial response to that and I am hoping to see a swing to individual responsibility, such as in recycling, health and consumption.

The above paragraph may prove to be a crystal ball.  

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