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344.2 Podcasts


Podcasts I think I've listened to one. I have been encouraged by several people who think they are brilliant, but I don't agree. Trying to find out what others think the benefits are, I came across this, which suggests good reasons are;-

(i) they're mostly free.  So? I don't spend anything on music or radio already. I cannot have bought a tape or disc of music for at least 20 years. I bought CDs only because they replaced the other previous media and now I don't do that at all.

(ii) you can listen to them anywhere. I don't listen to anything much but in the car, and then only after the first 100 miles. So having a podcast available takes forethought; more, it assumes that I'm not going to be satisfied by the radio. I (rarely) put music on at home; usually it gets turned off because I miss other sounds I'm being expected to hear, like "Husband!"

(iii) you'll get less bored with your music library I don't use my music library. I don't listen to music even as often as once  a month. Again, the result each time is that I miss some form of summons.

(iv) they're usually conversation not stories.  I doubt this. I expect they're mostly like radio, far too often at a content rate low enough to annoy. Oh, did you mean something different from what I think of as conversation? When do I get a word in, then?

(v) they're perfect for mindless chores. I do many chores without need for distraction that would make them take longer

(vi) you can learn about something. No argument; but that assumes that I've identified a something I want to learn about and somehow not acted upon that.

I conclude that whatever it is about listening that appeals, it doesn't reach me. It might be different if I had a lengthy commute. I enjoy making music and I can enjoy sorts of music; I am aware that my driving, for example, is at less than 100% if I'm listening to music and I'll have it on to help me return concentration to what I think of as acceptable and active when it's drifted into passive motoring. If passive driving is caused by the traffic, so that in some sense I know there is spare capacity, I'll turn on the radio. But ordinary non-urban non-motorway driving requires full attention unless stuck in an endless chain. I have enjoyed having classical music playing while reading or doing puzzles, but the reading etc slows down due to the split attention and either I bin the book, the puzzle or the music. I refuse to have earplugs while outside as that is denying what one is outside for and reduces safety in not hearing clues. I use earbuds when the missus and I are in the same room but watching different television (or equivalent`) – but neither of us is doing anything else at the same time. It has become clear from you.gov surveys that many people do several things at the same time as 'watching' television. Sorry, if the tv can't hold my attention it goes off. I am quite able to do several things at once, but generally it takes less time to do them exclusively and with full attention. In my experience it is largely true that serial processing is faster than parallel.


How do you organise for a podcast to play faster? It's in the app, apparently, probably under Controls. But then you'd have to concentrate more on the content, which means attention is removed from whatever else you're doing.

So I can see a use for radio that I like, which amounts to the same time-shifting that I do with tv. But I see opportunity to do this as so rare that I can't be arsed to bother sort this out in advance. Nor can I see this happening except as a favour to immediate family that asks me to do it. Nicely.

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