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These few pages are usually suppressed.

I think of it as dumpiing ground…
.…. for stuff under repair or construction
.….and for the stuff which will be perhaps deleted.

I have an issue with the suppression: once uploaded, it is surprisingly difficult to remove material. Maybe I am being stupid, though. Stupid is when you have the information with which to find an answer but are not using it. In my own case, that almost always means I have not yet asked the right question…………..

Stuff not done:

another cycle of small edits - typos more than spelling mistakes.
*  consistency  issues - making each page sufficiently similar to others that there is some sort of ‘house style’ these include
    *  tabs that don’t, spaces that don’t line up
    •  consistent use of hyphens in line with the related essay

Decide whether to move the date of each piece from the bottom to somewhere more helpful, since the essays are in date order

Find a better use of the so-called Tag Line.   Also might be clever with the footing tag currently Copyright.

Search Engine optimisation - finding where to put key words

Discover how to insert html (not quite as advertised). Once that written down—becasue I don't do it often, so I need to write a HowTo—discover how to insert things that updtae directly from the source page. For example, covid chart updates, which, through 2020 were done on a daily basis, taking up to half an hour each time (there's quite a lot of them).

testing other browsers and other screen sizes. Sandvox is supposed to sort trhis out, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t already screwed up.

Reformatting the Family Trees
           lots of work on family trees not to do with website

Decide whether to go for https licence at another £100 per year. write about that. Done, 2020 for £60/annum. Now  – this also reduced the spam count on quite dramatically.

Fix a counter again    ….. easily done, except for the essays….

2021 the hierarchical menus work fine on my desktop, but this does not survive when published, though it has worked in the past. Karelia's help doesn't help and the troubleshooting side of their site coudl be very much bigger. Maybe doing bigger implies a large running cost, so it doesn't happen. I could use the user forum.

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