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Essays 2020 onwards

I decided, in late 2021, that the collection titled Essays since China had become cumbersome, so I have separated out those from the pandemic onwards. Hopefully that makes the drop-down menus slightly easier to navigate. However  for those who find the menus awkward to use—which includes myself when on a small screen—I have tried to provide alternative routes, such as the Overview in the sidebar. When searching essays, one such route, also in the sidebar is to click on the year number in the so-called Essay Count, such as 2019. Similarly, in the Maths section, It's the Count takes you to the sub-sections of Maths, though you could also go via Overview. Like I said, several possible routes, so you can find whatever works for you. Also, if you're hunting for a particular piece, let's say me writing about solar panels, then yet another route is to type into your search engine this: solar panels  which will show you the pages within which that phrase appears.  Nine of them at the time of writing this.

Obviously, the pandemic affects this collection and I've used it as a separator or defingin change. To reflect this somewhat, I've used the same image in the photo image collection within each period. I have doen the same for the series Snippets series, and here I've experimented with turning these into further sub-collections of shorter pages, as the snippets began to exceed what I thought of as toleration length. Also, I want sometimes to be able to point to such a section and it seems sensible to make that a differnt pagem albeit it shorter than my typical essay. So, in my head, they're not essays as much as memoranda, so they belong within the snippet collection. I'm wondering wether to number them, so that 348 - June Snippets, wuth three memos, would have these numbered 348.1-3.

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