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2012 2nd half

Qingdao lasted to the end of the year. Promises galore from emnployer broken. No work found for Cynthia except as the support that allowed me to be very effective.

This picture is of 'our' little bit of Qingdao, a suburb known as Laoshan (old mountain, perhaps). You might see the school athletics track at an inner one o'clock backed up against a patch of hills (the road curling uphill leads to where we worked 36.06.44N 120.27.22E). The bigger hill at eight o'clock is the edge of FuShan and the city proper is further down to the left. Home much of the time was that block of apartments at four o'clock to the Laoshan label, 36.06.21N 120.28.18E. The second cycle places home at about 36.06.45N 120.27.10E close to a major road junction.

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