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Overlap: C1, C2, FPM

Much of the work included here is fit for FPM and at the same time for students of C1 and C2 of Edexcel. The same stuff will suit students following P1 and P2 at MEI and the first two thirds (i.e the first term) of the first year under CIE syllabi.

There is a steadily growing list of pages currently labelled something like “FPM Y11/12 Sample Questions”, relabelled in 2016 to more like these tags:

FPM 1    FPM 2   FPM 3    FPM 4    FPM 5     FPM 6    FPM 7 

and perhaps to come....  FPM 8    FPM 9

There is a collection of AS paper materials, easily found by going back to Sixth Form Pure and following the trail to C1 and C2 material.

Material relevant to FPM includes:

Related Equations - recognising the roots of a quadratic and finding a similar equation whose roots are similar but different.

Everything on Differentiation and Integration, but confined to the simple(r) end of the spectrum:

Differentiation Integration Integration 2

Binomial expansions, where FPM includes everything that Core includes (and, once one has taught some of this, you might as well teach the lot as soon as n stops being just a counting number);

Binomial Binomial Binomial 2

I wrote Reasonable Questions with this group in mind, hoping to stimulate some investigation in general;  I added Area & Perimeter at Y12 modelling level, in 2016. 

FPM Rates of Change  from in April 2013, tackles an obvious topic;

and of course all the revision pages remain available:

AS Revision 1 AS Revision 2  AS Revision 3  AS Revision 4  Sample Papers by DJS  C1 Sample A  C1.3, C1.4   

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